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In Summer 2020, English 103 and 104 will meet online.

For a general description of the course, see English 103 & 104

  • English 103 is for students currently enrolled in English 101, and English 104 is for students currently enrolled in English 102.
  • Register via MyUTK.

The requirements are:

  • Complete the initial course orientation online in the first week of the term.
  • Spend 1 hour per week attending online, anytime you choose.
    • During your hour, you’ll work on the assignments given to you by your English 101 or 102 instructor. No extra work is assigned. 
  • Talk with a tutor once a week about an assignment you’re working on.
    • Conversations with tutors may be shorter or longer, depending on your need at the time.
    • You can talk with a tutor about getting started on a paper, developing a thesis statement, organizing ideas, polishing a final draft, grammar, revision, etc. If it has to do with any part of the writing process or anything you’re writing, you can talk about it with a tutor.
    • A variety of appointment times will be available to accommodate students’ schedules.
    • There’s no limit to how many times you can talk with a tutor–the more the better, in terms of improving your writing,

Information about how to complete the course requirements is on the CANVAS HOME PAGE. Check there as soon as the course begins.

English 103 and 104 are 1-credit electives with S/NC grading.

Contact the course instructor at