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SU20 English 103 and 104

In Summer 2020, English 103 and 104 will meet online.

For a general description of the course, see English 103 & 104

  • English 103 is for any student currently enrolled in English 101.
  • English 104 is for any student currently enrolled in English 102.
  • Enroll via MyUTK.

Past students have been overwhelmingly happy with the way this course helps them improve their writing, do better in their English 101 or 102 course, and how easy it is to attend and meet with tutors. This past spring, students said that attending this course helped them better keep up with their academics once courses went online–they loved both the structure and the flexibility. They also enjoyed their exclusive access to several short online workshops designed especially to help with English 101 or 102 assignments.

The requirements are:

  1. Complete the initial course orientation online in the first week.
  2. Spend 1 hour anytime each week attending online. During this time you simply work on the assignments given to you by your English 101 or 102 instructor. No extra work is assigned.
  3. Talk once a week with a tutor from the Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center.
  • A conversation with a tutor can be shorter or longer, depending on your need at the time.
  • You can talk with a tutor about anything related to your writing process and your writing assignments. You can talk about understanding an assignment prompt, getting started on a paper, developing a thesis statement, how to find good sources, organizing ideas, how to cite sources, polishing a final draft, grammar, revising, etc.
  • There’s no limit on how many meetings with a tutor you can have–the more the better, in terms of improving your writing.
  • A variety of appointment times for tutor meetings will be offered to accommodate students’ schedules.

All the details for how to complete the requirements, including how to make and attend tutor meeting appointments, will be explained on the course’s CANVAS HOME PAGE at

This is a 1-credit elective with S/NC grading.

In Summer, there’s a charge for the additional 1 credit hour if you’re enrolled in fewer than 12 hours. (Contact One Stop for the amount.) The benefit is that being enrolled means you get unlimited individualized help throughout the term, exclusive access to specially designed workshops, and there’s a demonstrated connection between more tutor meetings and higher GPA. So, we think you’ll find the course worth it!

Contact the course instructor at