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Which Type of Appointment is Best for You?

When deciding between in-person video conversations and written email feedback, which kind of appointment is best for you?

A video conversation appointment is the most like in-person help—a real-time, virtual face-to-face conversation with a tutor. We recommend this type of appointment for most students and for any writing situation.

Does one of these sound like your situation? Choose a Video Conversation appointment.

  • I’m just getting started on my assignment and am not sure how to proceed.
  • I’ve never written this kind of paper before and need some guidance.
  • I have a partial or completed draft and want to get some advice about whether I’m on the right track.
  • I’m searching for sources for my project and haven’t been able to find any good ones. What do I do?
  • Talking face-to-face with someone about my writing usually helps me the most.

Video conversation appointments are available in 30-minute slots, and you can make 2 of them per week. You can talk with the tutor for part or all of the 30 minutes—whatever suits your need.

When you have specific questions about a complete draft or about a specific part  of your paper like the introduction or the references, an email feedback appointment is appropriate. Be sure to describe your assignment and your questions when making the appointment—the tutor needs as much detail as possible in order to provide effective help, especially when you are only sending a partial draft.

Does one of these sound like your situation? An Email Feedback appointment is appropriate (and a Video Conversation appointment would also work).

  • I’ve written a complete draft and want to know what I can do to improve it.
  • I’ve written my introduction and thesis and want to know if I’m on the right track.
  • I’ve written the methods, results, or discussion section and want to know what I can do to improve it.
  • I have some specific questions about how to cite my sources.

In an email feedback appointment, you send us, IN ADVANCE, your specific question(s) and assignment, a completed or particular part of a draft, and we return feedback via email within about 30 minutes of the appointment start time. (At busy times of the semester, it could take a little longer.)

Contact us at with any questions.