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Making and Attending Online Appointments

Students in any subject/any course on campus are welcome to make appointments for free online writing help.

1. Go to our free tutoring portal. (First-time users must register for a free WCOnline account.)

2. Select the appropriate schedule.

    • Graduate Student Writing Help (video)
    • Application Materials Help (video)
    • ESL Writing Help (video; for undergraduate and graduate students whose first or strongest language is not English)
    • ENGL 103/104 Google Docs Collaborations  (For students currently enrolled in English 103 or 104 ONLY; meets in the English 103 or 104 Canvas site.)

3. Change the week as desired (at the top of the screen). Currently, appointments may be made up to 7 days in advance.

4. Available times are shown in white boxes. All appointments are listed in Eastern time. Choose the time you prefer. (If not, change your settings to allow pop-ups from WCOnline). Adjust for 30 or 60 minutes as desired.

5. Answer all requested questions. Provide as much detail as possible about your writing situation and what you’d like help with.

6. You MUST attach a draft in advance of the appointment start time if you have an email-based appointment. Scroll to the bottom of the appointment box to see the attachment option.

  • For video-based or ENGL 103/104 Google Docs Collaboration appointments, you can attach documents anytime before or during your appointment.
  • We recommend attaching your assignment, too, if you have a Word or PDF version of it.

7. Click “Create Appointment.”

8. Read the confirmation and reminder emails you receive.

How to Attend Your Appointment

Video-based appointments:

  • Log in at a few minutes before your appointment. (Remember, appointments are listed in Eastern time, so you must make the adjustment if you’re in a different time zone.)
  • Open your appointment box, and click “Start or Join Consultation.” Allow camera and microphone access to WCOnline.

Email-based appointments:

  • You must attach a document IN ADVANCE of the appointment start time (Eastern time), and make sure you have provided specific details about your assignment and what you want help with so that we will know what feedback to give you.
    • Email appointments without documents attached are considered “Missed”/No Shows,” as there’s nothing for the tutor to respond to.
    • To attach a document anytime before your appointment, open your appointment box at our free tutoring portal; click “Edit Appointment,” and attach one or more files (and provide more detail in the question about your assignment details, if you wish).

Attach files

  • About 30 minutes after the appointment start time, you will receive feedback via email. (At busy times of the semester, it may be a little longer than 30 minutes; please be patient.)


ENGL 103/104 Google Docs Collaborations Appointments:

  • A few minutes before the appointment start time (Eastern),
    • (1) have the document you plan to work on and your assignment open on your computer, and
    • (2) log in to your UTK email account.
  • You’ll receive an email invitation to join a Canvas Collaboration titled with your appointment information (e.g., “JAHWC Appt. 8/25 1:30 PM with Pax.”
  • To join this appointment, click the blue “Open in Docs” button in the email invitation.

Note: Alternatively, you can also access your Google Doc collaboration appointment by logging into your English 103 or English 104 Canvas site a few minutes before the appointment start time and navigating to the Collaborations tab on the left-hand side menu. You may need to refresh the page to see the Collaboration once the tutor has created it.

  • Once you’ve joined the tutor in the Google Doc, use the Google Chat feature to communicate with your tutor. Your tutor will guide you from there.

Cancel in Advance if You Cannot Make It

If you cannot make it (or if you cannot attach a document in advance of the start time of an email appointment), kindly cancel in advance. To cancel: log in, click on your appointment, and click “Cancel Appointment.”

  • Students who miss more than 3 appointments without canceling ahead of time will not be able to continue to make appointments.



Contact us at with any questions.