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The “IW” Grade

What is the “IW” grade, and what is the procedure for giving it?

The Undergraduate Catalog includes the following passage about the “IW” grade:

If a student cannot fulfill the requirements for a course because of an inability to communicate in writing, the instructor will give an “IW” to designate “Incomplete due to writing.”  Student work requiring revision shall be sent to the Writing Center Director.  Any student who receives an “IW” should contact the Writing Center Director for instruction.  The Writing Center will determine the appropriate requirement for remediation.  Upon the Writing Center Director’s recommendation, it will be returned to the instructor who will change the student’s grade accordingly.  As with other incompletes, the student will have one calendar year to make up the deficiency before the grade automatically changes to reflect failure for the course.

Should you determine that a student in your course has demonstrated sufficient mastery of course material but demonstrates insufficient written communication skills, the IW may be an option.

When you assign the IW grade, send the Herbert Writing Center an IW-Referral-Form. This form includes instructions and the information we need from you about the terms you have established for the student to work on in order to remove the IW.