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English 103 & 104

English 103 and 104 are 1-credit electives designed to help all students in first-year composition courses.

(Note: See SU20 English 103 and 104 for information about Summer 2020.)

  • English 103 is for students currently enrolled in English 101, 131, or 198.
  • English 104 is for students currently enrolled in English 102, 118, 132, 290, or 298.

You’ll meet one-to-one with tutors and also work independently on your FYC assignments (no extra work assigned). The main purpose is for you to get good feedback on your writing so that you can produce the best possible quality of writing in your FYC course.

The requirements are designed to be very flexible to suit individual students’ schedules:

  • Attend regularly for an hour per week at a time you choose.
  • Talk with tutors regularly during the semester.
  • Complete 2 short, informal reflections about your writing (Fall and Spring only).

Enroll via MyUTK. (Contact us at if you encounter any issues with registering; we can help with that!)

In Fall and Spring, there’s no extra charge for this course if you’re enrolled in 18 or fewer credit hours.

In Summer, there’s a charge for the additional 1 credit hour if you’re enrolled in fewer than 12 hours. (Contact One Stop for the amount.) The benefit is that being enrolled means you get unlimited individualized help throughout the term (and there’s a demonstrated connection between more tutor meetings and higher GPA), and exclusive access to numerous online workshops specially designed to help with your English assignments. So, we think you’ll find the course worth it!

Check the course’s Canvas home page at the beginning of the semester for instructions on how to get started.

Contact the Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center at if you have any questions.

For additional information about UTK’s First-Year Composition program, see the First-Year Composition page.


UTK received the “Writing Program Certificate of Excellence” national award from the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Watch the video for more information about our Writing Program.