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What can you talk about with a writing tutor?

If it’s writing, we can help!

See these instructions for how to make and attend online appointments.

You can talk with a tutor during any stage of the writing process—you don’t need to wait until you have a completed draft to talk with us! (In fact, the best time to talk with a tutor is when you’re in the brainstorming/early planning and drafting stages of writing a paper. Make video-based appointments for those times.)

  • You can talk over your assignment prompt, your readings, your topic ideas, a rough outline, or your thesis. Doing so always makes the rest of the process easier and can help you produce a better finished product than if you wait until the last minute before a paper is due.
  • You can talk with a tutor when you just have a few questions about a part of your draft, such as the introduction; when you want to know how to cite something; or when you want some help finding sources.
  • Of course, another great time to meet with a tutor is when you want some feedback on a completed draft a day or so before you hand it in for a grade. (Email and ENGL 103/104 Google Docs Collaborations are good for these times, if appointments are available.)
  • You’ll find the same tutors available at the same times every week. If you find one tutor with whom you enjoy working, it’s a great idea to meet with them throughout the term. The tutor will get to know you and your writing, which can be really helpful in terms of improving your writing.

Appointment slots are scheduled for 30 minutes, but you don’t always have to spend all that time. If you just have a few questions about the assignment prompt, how to cite something, how to find a source, or how to revise a short portion of your draft, those sessions might only last 10-15 minutes. Other tutor meetings may take the full 30 minutes, such as when you want feedback on a completed draft. And if you want more time, you can make an appointment for 60 minutes, or you can make 2 30-minute appointments in one week.

All tutors have different styles, so no tutor meeting will be exactly the same. We want to make sure your experience is helpful for you! Reach out to us at with any questions.