Writing at UTK

UTK has received the “Writing Program Certificate of Excellence” national award from the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Watch the video for more information about our Writing Program.

THE WRITING CENTER serves student writers in all disciplines of the UTK academic community by offering free and individualized help throughout the writing process. Thousands of students visit the Writing Center each year from all types of courses on campus.

Trained tutors (graduate students and lecturers) read and discuss student writing in one-to-one conversations and offer constructive feedback. We teach students how to think about their written work from the brainstorming stage to final revisions.

We work with writers on a walk-in, first-come, first-served basis. Also, we offer appointments for multilingual students who want help with coursework-related writing assignments.

The up-to-date, welcoming facility offers plenty of space for consultations with tutors, quiet space for writing drafts, computers, and a variety of writing and reference manuals.

Also, we operate a Grammar Hotline (865/974-2611) for brief queries about writing.


Students Need Instruction about How to Revise

We know that good writing usually takes multiple drafts, buta recent study in the journal Research in the Teaching of English suggests that even though students routinely use word processing software that has the potential to facilitate global revision, much of students’ “revisions” remain at the sentence or word level.  Simply asking students to produce multiple drafts, therefore, may not lead to significantly better writing.  Instead, students need to be taught how to make global revisions, perhaps with a new assignment or set of directions to guide them in moving from one draft to the next.

[Dave, A. M., & Russell, D. R. (2010). Drafting and Revision Using Word Processing by Undergraduate Student Writers: Changing Conceptions and Practices. Research in the Teaching of English 44.4. 406-434.]