Writing at UTK

UTK has received the “Writing Program Certificate of Excellence” national award from the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Watch the video for more information about our Writing Program.

THE WRITING CENTER serves student writers in all disciplines of the UTK academic community by offering free and individualized help throughout the writing process. Thousands of students visit the Writing Center each year from all types of courses on campus.

Trained tutors (graduate students and lecturers) read and discuss student writing in one-to-one conversations and offer constructive feedback. We teach students how to think about their written work from the brainstorming stage to final revisions.

We work with writers on a walk-in, first-come, first-served basis. Also, we offer appointments for multilingual students who want help with coursework-related writing assignments.

The up-to-date, welcoming facility offers plenty of space for consultations with tutors, quiet space for writing drafts, computers, and a variety of writing and reference manuals.

Also, we operate a Grammar Hotline (865/974-2611) for brief queries about writing.


Giving Students Feedback that Helps


Teachers know that not everything they write on students’ papers leads to effective revision.  A recent study in the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education indicates that teacher feedback is more likely to lead students to improve their writing when it is clear and direct; offers specific, local examples to support global comments; emphasizes content over grammar and mechanics; and occurs in writing that students have an investment in improving.

[Vardi, I. (2010). The relationship between feedback and change in tertiary student writing in the disciplines. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 20(3), 350–361.]